Paediatrics Department

Paediatrics Department

The Department of Pediatrics has a mission to provide timely quality care at affordable price to improve the life of children, who are diagnosed with various medical and surgical problems. The Department applies innovative technology, modern techniques, and the most effective therapies based on the best available evidence.

The department takes children seriously and has a unique approach of involving the child and the family as partners in care giving. Thanks to its unique approach, the Pediatric Institute is rapidly moving toward being considered among the best in India. The Ramadevi Hospital of Pediatrics embraces excellence — in caring young patients, in innovative research and in training the next generation of health care providers. The institute provides:

    • Comprehensive state-of-the-art clinical services for children at minimal cost

    • Education for clinicians and nurses who care for children today and in the future

    • State-of-the-art research to improve the diagnostic capabilities and treatments for serious medical disorders that are unique to children

    • Leadership in health promotion and education, implementing public health programs to promote health

  • Specialties

    • The Department offers specializations from following departments:
      • Pediatric Gastroenterology , Hepatology

      • Paediatrics Orthopaedics

      • Pediatric Nephrology

      • Pediatric Hematology

      • Pediatric Cardiology

      • Pediatric Endocrinology

      • Pediatric Neurosciences

      • Pediatric Metabolic Disorders

      • Pediatric ENT

      • Pediatric Nutrition

      • Pediatric Intensive Care


      The Ramadevi Hospital for Pediatrics has gathered some of the best-known, best-trained consultants with one goal— work together better - to ensure that children receive the best care possible.

      From routine check-ups to serious medical and surgical disorders, the Pediatric Institute is equipped with pediatric specialties needed to ensure that children’s health care needs are fulfilled. The institute offers the following pediatric specialties and subspecialties:

    • Pediatric Medicine

      This specialty provides the following:

      • Regular Health screening for children from 0-18 years

      • Well baby checkups

      • Immunization and nutrition

      • Growth monitoring

      • Outpatient and inpatient care facilities as needed, treating serious bacterial infections, sepsis, dengue fever, malaria, pneumonia, asthma, allergic disorders, gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, seizures, and urinary tract infections.

      • Preoperative care for children needing surgery

      • Regular follow-up and supportive care for families of children with serious medical disorders

    • Pediatric Hepatology and Transplantation

      This specialty takes care of the following:

      • Medical and surgical management of neonatal/ infantile jaundice

      • Acute liver failure and viral hepatitis in children and infants

      • Chronic liver diseases in children including shunt procedures

      • Dietetic and surgical (Auxiliary liver transplant) management for various metabolic disorders

      • Chemotherapy and resection of childhood liver tumors

      • Medical and surgical management liver vascular malformations

      • Pediatric liver intensive care unit to manage acute liver failure and post liver transplant children

      • Live and cadaveric liver transplantation

      • ERCP and intervention for various hepatopancreato biliary problems including pancreatic trauma

      • Genetics and Immunostaining for Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis ( PFIC)

      • Liver Transplant Management

      • Work–up for Neo-natal Cholestasis

      • Hepato-viral Infections

      • Chronic Liver Diseases